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We are a Delhi-based Digitally Driven Creative Marketing team of Specialists who understand their customer’s business, niche, budget, target audience, and convert leads based on KPIs and not on forecasting. Our data-driven strategies are presented in the form of simple mathematics and calculation. As we know, nothing in this universe breaks the rules of physics and mathematics.

We are a progressive, out of box thinker who delivers customized and smart results based on customers’ objectives to achieve the goal in domestic markets as well as in international markets. Our Digital Marketing Services like website development, website designing, Search engine optimization, social media marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, content marketing, Content Writing, and Online Reputation Management. We use multi-channel marketing strategies where we put platforms in an aggressive or regressive mode according to their performance to achieve Target ROAS.

ITPi differentiates itself from others in two key areas. We interact directly with our clients to know about their existing internet marketing strategies. This allows ITPi to determine which areas to focus on to drive the most potential business.

Secondly, our dynamic and customer-oriented approach to SEO (search engine optimization) gives our clients more than a simple templated search engine internet strategy. Instead, we believe in educating ourselves with your business’ services and offerings and exposing your site to qualified prospective clients.

Our focus is on continuous improvement to initiate long-term commercial growth by having greater online visibility. Every campaign and every strategy of ITPi leaves a significant mark on internet marketing.

Our Services

Demand First-Rate Best Services

Generate Traffic

Digital marketing drives traffic in two major categories: organic, and inorganic. Organic Traffic is a free and natural way to generate  traffic and inorganic is paid way of generating web traffic. If you want to generate traffic using any digital channel  then you have landed at the right place. Connect with our digital marketing experts to audit and to get a business roadmap of your business strategies today.

Increase Conversions

Most of the businesses in the Indian market are struggling with the conversion rate, and ROI (Return on Investment). Our team of specialists helps you to get the best wireframe to Achieve UI/UX. We as a right digital companion always use advanced methods and tools like A/B testing, CTA, magnetic content, Heat Map, and conversion funnel with concepts like TOFU (Top of the Funnel), MOFU (Middle of the Funnel), BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel)

Build Brand Loyalty

Brand Loyalty is one of the important aspects which is a must for every business or startup. Our consultancy helps you to sync your brand image by using concepts like Onsite behavior analysis, Product interaction, Brand consistent, and Eye-catching graphics, etc. As we use advanced automation tools to understand Customer engagement and Customer Psychology. After that, you can take real-time actions to achieve magical results.

Customer Delight

Customer Acquisition Strategy is one of the processes which we take seriously. We jot down every aspect to understand any brand. After analysis of different insights, we implement a customer-centric approach to get maximum customer engagement which adds value to your brand growth. Thereafter Our experts help you to improve retention to nurture your business which ultimately takes your brand to the next level of success.


How ITpi HELPs

Because Performance Is Everything

Our Unusual Concept, GAS(Good Advertising Strategy)

A good Advertising strategy can't be isolated. Every digital channel must work together, like a well-oiled machine. That's why as India's leading digital agency, we are responsible and believe in implementing holistic, end-to-end marketing solutions that not only generate traffic but also convert leads.  This helps in growing the customer's audience database and thus bringing customers delight by using advanced automated tools. We extend our expertise to the customer’s marketing team, Smashing their targets and generating real-time results. GAS is the armor of all the approaches of digital marketing campaign strategies of ITPi Technologies. The use of a diverse range of Marketing channels from SEO to social media marketing helps to achieve success through various multi-channels. This holistic approach helps in creating a customer-focused ecosystem and pulls the customer back to your site.

Reshape Brand’s Digital Marketing
Efforts with
Omni-Channel Approach

ITpi Technologies is fully equipped with all necessary digital weapons, which helps any brand to achieve success in the minimum possible time. The omnichannel marketing approaches offer several benefits that can drive sales and boost your company's revenue via different digital platforms. Omni-Channel digital distribution helps to improve customer experience to achieve ROI within a minimum budget. Omnichannel campaigns improve revenue growth and conversion with the help of advanced automation tools. That’s why this marketing method is necessary for brand commitment to gain maximum benefits.

The omnichannel market is the response to the growing presence of the market’s leading brands in healthcare, pharmaceutical, Banking, Retail, financial services, B2b, and fashion.
So, what are you waiting for? ITpi technologies are experts in delivering outstanding digital outcomes. Give your brand skyrocket results with the digital marketing agency in Delhi, India.


Our Services

Our Recent Web Design & Some Past Projects

Our mission is to provide quality English language instruction through a variety of courses to international and local students in a professional and supportive.

How Digital Marketing Helps you?

The role of ITpi Technologies as a leading digital marketing agency is to make your brand reach its customers online through different digital channels using various inbound marketing methods like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Content Marketing, and Advanced Automation. In this way, as a Digital Agency, we try to give maximum exposure for your brand in minimum possible investment and time. So, Digital Marketing companies like us help you to achieve your business goal as a companion.

During this pandemic when everything came to stand still, one thing that kept on evolving and has maintained connectivity globally using digital marketing. Digital marketing agencies in Delhi have made possible your small business ideas to reach global markets. New unique quarantine marketing ideas get a boost due to digital marketing.

In the Digital Marketing world, nothing like a guarantee exists. If any agency does that then you have to double-check their promises. We also promise guarantees but in different ways. We call it “No-Contract” which itself is more than a promise. We put so much effort into customer retention.

Yes, Itpi has designated, experienced, and efficient project managers for whole projects as well as team leaders of various departments like web development, graphic designing, content writing, social media handling, SEO, and PPC, etc.

This depends on the nature of business and its various dynamics. If your brand is new then for 3 months at least we do technical fixes and do implement organic traffic strategies like Content Optimization, Content Writing means SEO, and SMO. After this, we move on to Inorganic traffic from different digital channels like Social Media. If we encounter any company that has already implemented online marketing in that case we do fix things and integrate the Omni-Channel Approach. If any digital channel works as per our expectations we put in Aggressive Mode either Regressive Mode

Our approach is very simple, We never see problems in the bigger picture. Rather we divide problems into modules then we implement strategies to solve problems. Digital marketing strategy for a brand needs a proper framework and roadmap. Which our team of experts is best at the business outline. We have rational ideas for every digital marketing project.

Average Price of Digital Marketing Need fluctuates between INR 25000 – 100000 monthly for Startups, INR 50000 – 200000 for Medium Scale Business, INR 500000 – 1 Crore monthly for large enterprises.

The startup is a project undertaken by an entrepreneur mainly funded by Investors. In the initial stages, most Startups in India struggle with budget and guidance on where to invest. The startups are always looking for cost-effective marketing techniques which can increase the sales funnel conversion and increase their business ROI. ITpi as an Indian digital marketing agency understands the pain of Indian startups and has specific zero-cost marketing strategies for startups. We use multichannel strategies to drive maximum revenue for any brand by using a sales conversion funnel to reduce marketing costs.

We are experts at integrated programs and tools in our digital marketing campaigns to automate our process for better results. But never rely on a fully automatic system. As we strongly believe that we should use robots, not make ourselves robots. Because robots don’t have emotion and intellect, it’s true AI is evolving but it should be used in limitations. If we fully depend on it, one-day this can lead to system destruction. 

We use many research tools which are as follows:

  1. For Keyword Research – Ahref, SEMRush, Google Keyword Planner, keywordtool.io, and Spyfu, etc.
  2. For Social Media – Buzzsumo, Keywordtool.io, and Scheduling Softwares
  3. For Advertising – Semrush, Ahref, and Scheduling tools
  4. For Heatmap – Heatmap Tools like Lucky Orange
  5. For Automation – Retainful, Zoho, and Hubspot
  6. For Tracking and Monitoring – Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and some Paid tools

There are 4 types of traffic mainly Organic, Inorganic, Referral and Direct

  1. SEO is a natural way of driving traffic from search engines without spending a single rupee but it needs experts to fulfill the requirement of such Platforms. Which needs investments. This type of method takes time and gives long-term results.
  2. Digital Advertising is an Inorganic method that needs funds for getting instant results. But this kind of advertising method washes away as funds get exhausted.

We as a Digital Marketing agency believe in the “Organic-First” approach which leads to better ROI(Return on Investment)

As ITPI Technologies is into virtual business, that’s why we believe in Virtual Meetings via various tools like Google Meet and ZOOM. This is preferred by our team where you can get access to team experts. We have fixed days in a month where you can book appointments to get access to our core team members. Days we have fixed for review progress results are 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27 and 28, 29, 30, 31 is fixed for our planning and brain-storming to fix next month targets for every project we have.

You can connect with our team for reporting and communication via Call, Email, and Messaging. We made communication very simple. We only appoint senior managers whom you connect very easily with any medium referred above.

None of our digital marketing packages have a standard price. We project prices according to your budget and brand needs. Sometimes we have to compromise over budget and we usually cut off some services. As we calculate charges on the basis of Time and Effort, we strongly believe Time = Money, not Money = Time.Yes, we do have budget-friendly plans where we focus on those methods which can impact the most.

Yes, we do have budget-friendly plans where we focus on those methods which can impact the most.

ITpi Technologies VS Other Digital Agency

Marketing Strategy

Sales campaign roadmap, ad campaign auditing, ad consultation and management, Research and Market Analysis, Inbound Marketing Strategies, Multi-Channel Strategies

SEO(Organic Traffic)

Website Audit using Advanced Tools, Keyword Research with Probability Concept, Strategy Conceptualization, Planning & Implementation, Tracking & Reporting, Penalty Review and Recovery,

Inorganic Traffic

Keyword Research with Advanced tools, Campaign Setup and Analysis, Technical Implementation, Reviews and Audits, Multi-Channel Integration, Advanced Tracking, Heatmap Implementation,

Social Media

Platform Analysis as per Brand, Social Media Pages Optimization, Demographic detailed Study, Laser-sharp targeting approach, Campaign Setup and Analysis, Technical Implementation, Heatmap Implementation,

We are not just Digital Marketing Company We are Digital Companion

Here’s How We will Invest in You

A Comprehensive Audit

A comprehensive audit comprises of review of your digital marketing channels which in return will help you in finding out what’s digital marketing technique is working for you and what’s need to be improvised.


Unique Growth Strategy

A unique growth strategy is the customized approach for the customer used to scale up their marketing projects in correlation with your objectives within their given budget to get maximum results.

ROI Projections

Return on investment is the detailed excel which gives a fair idea to the client of his investments on the various social media platforms to get the leads and thus have a calculated risk and more profits.

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