No Contract Seo Deliver Better Result

Let's take an Example

Let's examine this idea with the study of a typical customer/agent interaction.

A potential client contacts an SEO agency to inquire about their services. When they speak to an agent they are informed that SEO requires time so to avail services, they will need to sign a contract lasting two years with a monthly fee of $5,000 to achieve the desired results. The customer is not assured that the SEO efforts will be successful or that the business will be able to meet their expectations. To get a desired service, they are required at that point to spend $120,000 and have no assurance of a return. The client leaves feeling stuck. Would you like to present this idea at your company's CEO?

The industry has moved to smaller contracts it is still the case that an average SEO contract will still range from 6 months to a full year. However, regardless of the length of the investment, pitching one that binds a client to an unsustainable fixed-term contract without any guarantee of a profit on investment could cause a client to feel like a slave rather than a happy client who is a partner in their achievement. The feeling of uncertainty causes permanent problems for the client and the agency and can be mitigated with a no-contract method for SEO services. There are three reasons we think a no-contract SEO model is better both for SEO clients and agencies.


1. No Contract SEO Builds Trust

Trust is among the most crucial elements when it comes to creating business relationships and economic growth. As Stephen Covey has stated trust is the glue of our lives and is the basis of every relationship and the basis of either success or failure in business. Contracts were designed as an economic tool in order to establish this trust when a relationship is being built. But, in the context of SEO however, contracts can hinder developing a trusting client-agency relationship.


2. Creating a Sense of Urgency

SEO services that are not contracted often outperform the model that is based on contracts because the absence of a contract creates an impression of urgency for the agency in order to show its worth. This usually leads to more than expected results, and in a shorter time. The experts in organizational behavior such as John Kotter, have shown that creating a sense urgency is among the most critical factors to making a successful project or implementing changes in the organization. The same can be applicable to providing SEO services.


3. Becoming a True Partner

Additionally, the no-contract model permits both customers and agencies to work together as partners in the success of the customer. Instead of having a conflicting relationship, where neither is certain of the value they are investing in by removing the long-term contract provides a setting that both the customer and agency have to work together on the SEO initiative. SEO requires collaboration and a long-term contract could cause a lack of engagement due to the fact that it has lesser interaction between the customer and the agency, transforming SEO in to an unproductive process in which neither side is involved and the outcomes are at best mediocre.

Summary: Why We Love No Contract SEO

In short, no contract SEO can often outperform the contract model by building increased trust with clients, creating a sense of urgency and fostering regular communication and a long term partnership. SEO is not some mysterious black magic that cannot be shared with clients, nor is SEO a service that takes months and months before showing any results. Rather, SEO is a disciplined science of following principles that search engines have outlined for success. By following those principles consistently, you should see gradual, measurable improvements over time. That doesn’t mean you will get page 1 results and SEO should never be viewed as a quick fix to get more traffic to your site. Rather, SEO should be considered a long term strategy that you work on consistently over time, and you should see actual things change and improving every single month.

SEO is also not a passive investment, but rather an active process where clients should be engaged and understand what is going on, and agencies should be held accountable for their work and have the liberty to make recommendations. A no contract SEO model gives an agency like us the opportunity to showcase those monthly improvements to our clients and let them see the consistent value that SEO can provide. Then if they no longer need that value, or if they don’t see the results they want, they are free to leave without any obligation, and we can focus on partnering with those who need the value that we provide. We feel that SEO can speak for itself and that the no contract model offers the best opportunity for agencies to provide value to their clients and partner with them in their success. 

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