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Boost Your Web Traffic with tailor-made Digital Marketing Strategy to Achieve targeted ROI. Choose ITpi Technologies in Chandigarh to generate meaningful web traffic to rocket your business.


Leverage Digital Marketing Agency in Chandigarh, Panchkula

ITpi Technologies who is also based in Panchkula Near Chandigarh has a team of creative people who are experts in crafting business strategies for all types of businesses, small, startups and even Large Enterprises. Whatever businesses come to us they have lack of Planning, Strategies and even they struggle with their existing conversion rate. Our Team of specialists look for various components of Conversion Rate Optimization which are as follows:

  1. Landing Page Optimization
  2. A/B Testing
  3. Heat Map Integration and Analysis
  4. Keyword Analysis and deployment
  5. Content Optimization(Image, Text and Video)
  6. Filtration of Demographics, Geo targeting and Behavior
  7. Technical Fixes for existing campaigns

By Implementing above conversion rate optimization marketing tactics, we engage customers and drive Sales. Hence, we easily target the right customers using [digital marketing services] to achieve multi fold revenue.

Innovative Digital Solutions to Rocket Your Business Growth

ITpi Technologies has been delivering outstanding results for 100’s of international, national and local clients for over 21 years. Our vision is to create a business outline to help in your business success. Because our success lies in you.

We offer a multitude of Inbound digital marketing services including website UI/UX, Web apps, leverage content strategies, Graphics, Video Production, SEO, Creative digital ads, and traditional marketing ATL and BTL.


Digital Platform Integration

-Creativity at the Core

Creativity is at the core of everything we do at ITpi Technologies. Our creative team of digital marketers and consultant’s craft an integrated customer acquisition strategy using all digital channels and outbound marketing medium’s. 

We use some Creative content digital marketing and cross platform promotion to increase brand awareness. ITpi technologies is the only }digital marketing agency{ which monitors visitor behavior to identify consumer actions. We use this consumer behavior data to make a quantitative and interactive marketing plan to increase customer interaction with your brand. ITpi’s team of content marketing specialists make this possible by :

  1. Create the brand strategy and make monthly business goals 
  2. Identify the ideal target audience 
  3. Perform a SWOT Analysis
  4. Make an interactive content strategy and audit your existing content 
  5. Test and adjust according to consumer behavior.

Improve your brand’s reach by availing services from Your Rational Digital Partner and make your brand reach its customers.

Lift Content Model - Content That Converts

Content should be magnetic that makes you feel like a King. That’s why our Content Chef formulated your content with essential ingredients of great content  which you can find below.

Value proposition

We formulate best marketing statements that conceptualize you brand value to target audience.


We create relevance in marketing that urges your customer towards buying your products and services.


We reduce anxiety among your customers using some marketing hooks to create trust in your brand.


We Identify consumer actions and create Powerful CTA’s and Sales Trigger words to Increase Sales.


We use a perfect blend of Organic and Inorganic marketing. So, that customer gets clarity in your brand, hence delivering great results.


We reduce customer distraction using UI/UX improvement to achieve things which Customer likes.

Top performing digital content to escalate brand reach

Content is not king, it is the kingdom! Content is the most important part to keep your visitors engaged and nurture them into qualified leads and drive sales. As Your rational digital partner we make sure that the content must be interactive and engaging. Whether it is video content, ad copy, infographics, corporate commercials or web content. Our team of highly qualified content creators and auditors use a step by step process on creating high quality content which includes as follows::


Blueprint of Content strategies that guide content writers


Formulation of Content Tone “How to Write”


Creation of high-quality digital content that works


Proper Keyword Research


Early-stage content ideation


Determination of buyer’s journey and appropriate content planning

Make your content kingdom serve its king! Your Business. Supercharge your Digital Growth with our catalytic content that works!!


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